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Root Canals

Root canals save and repair teeth that have been damaged by the spread of a cavity. The most internal layer of the tooth, the pulp, is thoroughly cleaned and filled with a biocompatible material to alleviate pain and infection.

Symptoms of a dental infection:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold even after eating or


  • Severe pain while eating or biting.

  • A chip or crack in the tooth.

  • Small bumps on the gums.

  • Swelling and tenderness on the gums.

  • Decay and/or darkening of the gums.


The physical symptoms occur when the problem has become more advanced, which is why your regular recall visits are so important.

If you notice symptoms of a dental infection, do not panic. Root canals are a routine procedure and our dental staff are dedicated to keeping you comfortable during your appointment! The majority of  patients find the procedure to be painless and are relieved to be free of their symptoms after their visit.

Are you looking for a root canal evaluation in Warrenton, VA?

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Root Canals - in Warrenton, Va
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