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Restorative Dentistry

Even with good oral care, sometimes there is a need for repairs, such as fillings, or replacement of a broken or lost tooth.  We offer many restorative treatments in our office.

Filings - Crowns - Bridges - in Warrenton, Va
  • Composite fillings: Composite fillings are tooth-colored fillings that can help if you have a cracked, chipped, worn or decayed tooth.  Silver amalgam fillings are rarely used and can be replaced with composite fillings.  The color can be closely matched to your tooth color, blending in with your natural teeth.

  • Crowns: When a tooth cannot be restored with a filling a crown is a good alternative.  A crown protects and strengthens the entire tooth structure while restoring the tooth to an ideal shape and size.

  • Fixed bridges: When you have missing teeth, a fixed bridge can be an excellent option.  Porcelain teeth permanently replace the missing teeth, using the neighboring teeth to retain the bridge.  Just like composite fillings, the porcelain is closely matched to the color of your natural teeth to give a natural look, completing your healthy smile. Other benefits include restoring normal chewing and speaking.

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