Invisalign Therapy

Invisalign treatment straightens teeth without traditional braces using clear, invisible aligners. Invisalign® has revolutionized dental practices by utilizing clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth without bulky metal brackets or wires. 

The aligners are made via 3-D computer imaging technology where our dentists can show you how your teeth will move over time. Using our iTero®  system, we fabricate our clear aligners without traditional impressions!

image0 (1).jpeg

The patient will replace each aligner with the next one in the series, and their teeth will move slowly until they reach their final position to create your new, fantastic smile. Patients should visit our dental office at regularly scheduled intervals to ensure their teeth are moving as planned and allow the dentist to make any adjustments if necessary. 

Check out our Invisalign before and after images!

Diastema/"Gap" Closure


Crowding and Rotated Teeth


Expansion of Narrow Arch


Anterior Crossbite and Crowding


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